Three Ways to Make ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’ the Highlight of Your Year

What – you never heard of International Talk Like a Pirate Day? This holiday has been going on every September 19 since 1995. Pirate festivals are happening around the world. Many enthusiasts celebrate well past the official holiday. Insane people actually become a pirate. 

The holiday was started as a parody and went viral when Dave Barry received a letter from the founders and supported the event in his humor column. Since then millions of people adopt the playful traits of a pirate for a day each year, if for no other reason, just to drive their friends crazy. 

Being a pirate for a day is a great excuse to cut loose and be a little obnoxious. Just think of what Johnny Depp gets away with after all! If anyone calls you out, just say, “Don’t you know it’s ‘International Talk Like a Pirate Day’ today? 

You’ll find out who are the fun people in your life, because they will catch on and join you in the pirate revelry. Take part in the following three activities and you and your maties will have the time of your life on September 19.

1. Talk Like a Pirate in Your Daily Life:

Answer the phone with “Ahoy Matie”.

Respond to any question that deserves a Yes with “Arrr”.

When your partner, kid, boss, or anyone asks you to do something, say “Aye, aye.”

In place of, “Do you understand?” or “Do you get me?” substitute “Savvy?”

Update your laugh to “Yo ho ho!”

When you want someone to quiet down and pay attention, shout “Avast Ye!”

Instead of saying “No kidding!” use “Blimey!” (it’s short for “God blind me!)

When you want to say “F*#@! that”, go with “Scupper that!” instead.

In place of “No $hitt” use “Sink me!”

2. Party Like a Pirate:

What could be more fun than getting together with your favorite carousers (people who  engage in festivity), splicing the mainbrace (having a few drinks) till your squiffy (tipsy), talking stupid, and playing pirate games?

If you have some ambition you can set up a treasure hunt. Sketch out a treasure map of

your house or yard, hide the booty (tiny bottles of rum, eye patches, candy gold coins)

around the place, and mark the hiding spots with an ‘X’ on your map. Now see if your

crew is smart enough to find the treasure.

Are your hearties up for getting “loaded to the gunwales”? Mix up a few of these pirate

party drink recipes that are portioned just right for your Jolly Roger Pirate Flag Flask.

The Wrecked Pirate is a rum-based grog that is more tart than sweet. You’ll be saying

Yo Ho Ho in no time.

Another party drink that is only for hardcore pirates is the Clap of Thunder. If this

doesn’t ignite your grog blossom (I’ll let you guess what this is) I don’t know what will. This recipe is perfectly portioned to fit in your Pirate Flag Party Flask:

2 cups Brandy

2 cups Gin

2 cups Whiskey

Top off your Party Flask with ice.

Once your maties get through the treasure hunt they will be ready for a good pirate

drinking game. If you want to learn the dice game Captain Jack played in The Pirates

of the Caribbean, here is how to play. 

3. Dress Like a Pirate:

You will feel more like a pirate if you look the part. You could stop bathing for the month

before, but that is extreme. A simpler route to embody the soul of a pirate is with a

bandana and an eye patch. Some people get creative with the bandana.

Talk the talk and take on the swagger of a pirate and for one day you can be living the

high life of a pirate. These three simple activities will make September 19 a day you

look forward to each year.

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