A Better Way to Play Slap the Bag

The age-old college game of Slap the Bag is often someone’s first introduction to wine. Unlike Quarters, Beer Pong, or King’s Cup, you really need absolutely no skill to play. If you can swallow and move your hand, you can be a master.

The game is simple: one person holds the bag of wine up high while the drinker taps a L – O – N – G drink from the spout. Less than 30 seconds could get you ridiculed and sentenced to a re-do. When the drinker can’t take in anymore, he shuts the spout and high five’s the bag hard. Ding! Ding! Ding! You’re a winner.

The only way to screw up this game typically happens if you have been playing for a while – you miss the bag when you try to slap it. In that case, you probably won’t feel your punishment until the next day anyway.

The game originated, some say at Ohio University in 2004, by pulling the bladder out of a Franzia wine box. But who wants to drink excessive amounts of Franzia? Just start chewing on a mouthful of cotton balls now and save yourself the headache.

Play Slap the Bag with a Santa’s Flask® or a Pirate Flag Flask. Besides being a lot more fun than a wine bladder (or goon bag as the Aussie’s call it), you can fill the party flask with whatever you want.

Chug-a-lug some beer instead. Mix up a batch of Wrecked Pirate {link to this blog article}. You can fill the party flask with a fun drink and Slap the Bag to your heart’s content.

Leave the Franzia to the Farrier Science majors (yes, that’s a real thing). You’ll have more fun with Slap the Party Flask.

p.s. If you are a Farrier Science major, I dare you to post a photo of you playing Slap the Party Flask. Share it @PartyFlasks

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