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Party Prep

So, you’ve invited your friends over for a house party and got your Party Flask. But what do you do now?

What do you need to throw a party that your friends will talk about? And how do you do this without spending a lot of time and money?

We’ve put together everything you need to throw a no-stress party, getting most of the work done beforehand so you can have fun too!

There are 3 parts to throwing a simple yet fun party. You need to keep your friends satisfied, entertained, and comfortable. Below we tell you how to do this…
Keep 'em Satisfied with a photo of a buffet Keep 'em Entertained with a photo of color chess pieces with painted on funny faces Keep 'em Comfortable with a photo of toilet paper rolls

Still want to know more? We’ve done the research for you.

Other Resources with a photo of books

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