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Make-Ahead Gin & Tonic

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Gin and tonic is a cocktail with an interesting origin story.

In the early 19th century, British officers in India needed to take tonic water with quinine to help prevent malaria caused by rampant mosquitoes, but they found it unpalatable and bitter. By adding gin and a hint of lime, the officers had an incentive to take their tonic, and the classic cocktail was born.

Now, there’s no need to bring your bar with you to have a great gin and tonic. This make-ahead version of the classic gin and tonic allows you to have a refreshing, classic cocktail without the extra preparation.

Note that we used the classic 1:3 gin to tonic ratio, but if you prefer the alternate 1:1 ratio, then replace 2 c. of tonic water with 2 c. of gin.

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This recipe is perfectly proportioned for your Party Flask.

  • 2 c. gin
  • 5 c. tonic water
  • 1 c. lime juice

Mix gin, tonic, and lime juice in your flask. Serve over ice.

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Fun Facts: The global sale of the spirit is nearly 60 million cases, and almost half of this is consumed in the Philippines.

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